Everyone has the desire to be loved, be it by a parent, a friend, or a lover.

It has been mistakenly thought that love can only exist between the opposite sex. But I have come to know and believe that a friendship bond itself is all you need. To be able to share joy, secrets, pain, hurt,. .. With someone is like experiencing a gist of heaven.

It is easy to get caught up with spending time alone, that you begin to “forget” the need to confide in at least someone,but as the saying goes,  “A problem shared is a problem half solved “.

No matter how much we try to convince ourselves that we can make it on our on, or that you are able to solve and get out of situations alone, we all find ourselves at a time feeling lonely and the need to just have someone to talk to. That itself is proof that we are made as halves needing another to be made complete.

So my advice goes out to everyone who thinks companionship is a waste of time, to reconsider and find at least one person to go through life’s journey with. Be it a best friend, a lover, family. .. Don’t deceive yourself to believing that you are an island.

And to those who have someone who makes them happy, who makes the hard times better, who when alone can look back on memories shared with them and smile, to hold on to that bond. Because it’s probably the world’s greatest treasure.

Taonga Tembo.